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Woolzies Dryer Balls - Review

I've heard great things about wool dryer balls and had been wanting to try them, so when I got the chance to do so I jumped at it. Just for the record, and case there is anyone out there who doesn't realize this {and the powers that be believe there are a lot of you}: I received a package of 6 Wool dryer balls from Woolzies Dryer Balls to try out and then tell you all about them. I only blog my true experiences, and the links in this review net me no affiliate income. so... no worries. :)

Does your dryer leave your clothes all clinging together because of static? Does it take longer than you think it should for your clothes to dry? Tired of chemicals in your clothes, and non-absorbent towels {clothing softeners can affect the absorbency of towels and cloth diapers}.

Woolzies Dryer Balls are made of 100% pure New Zealand Wool and act as a natural fabric softener by using gentle friction to soften clothes. Think about it; no chemicals, no throwing away dryer sheets, AND they can cut your drying time by up to 25%. They also can help eliminate wrinkles, and are 100% safe even for people with wool sensitivities. I love Eco-Friendly products!

Some quick facts that you may, or may not know:
Fabric softeners of all kinds contain numerous harsh chemicals that are/can be toxic to the environment and, of course, us. Woolzies bounce around in your dryer naturally separating and creating space between your laundry allowing the hot dryer air to circulate better and cut down on drying time. Of course this saves time, money, and energy.

Woolzies are guaranteed to last for at least 1000 loads, and since the wool is not directly touching your skin, and does not shed, everyone can use Woolzies Dryer Balls without any allergic reactions.

Woolzies Dryer Balls are completely handmade! They are not mass produced by machine, so you will notice some variation in size, color, and texture. Yay for handmade!

I bet you've seen the plastic, or rubber, dryer balls in your local store - those balls are made from chemicals, including PVCs, which are released onto your laundry by the hot dryer air, making them dangerous to your health and the environment. ick.

Miss that nice smell from your favorite chemical-laden clothes softener? After the laundry is dry take out 2 of the Woolzies Dryer Balls and apply your desired amount of pure essential oil to each ball, toss back in the dryer and run on AIR FLUFF for 10 min. Your laundry will smell lovely again and the scent will linger for several days. {Don't use hot air because the heat will destroy the oil before it can scent your laundry}

And... my thoughts... I REALLY like them! I thought that they might be "tennies in the dryer" loud, which might be a problem because, while I'm home most days, I usually forget wait to turn on the dryer until dh is in bed. upstairs. right above the laundry room - but they aren't loud at all. :) I also love that they separate the clothing while they are bouncing around in there because we have an awkward dryer hose situation that doesn't allow the best airflow to the dryer. This means that I often have to run 2 dryer cycles in order to get the contents dry. Woolzies Dryer Balls actually help out quite a bit with that and, surprisingly, I've had several loads, including jeans, that I've only had to run once when the Woolzies dryer balls are used.
Of course the most eco-friendly way to dry your clothes is to hang them out but we are quickly approaching winter, and while I do have a clothesline I also have eleventymillion trees which don't really facilitate quick drying from the sun, and have the added risk of birds pooping on the slowly drying clothing. So yeh. there's that.

As I said, I really love the Woolzies Dryer Balls - more than I even thought I would. I don't know what shape they are in after 1000 uses but I can see them being retired into cat toys {or dog toys - did you know They do! Well, mine do.} Win win.

And... speaking of winning... :)
One lucky reader is going to win a box of 6 Woolzies Dryer Balls of their very own! {You'll love them!} - I'll get that giveaway up on Monday.
Thanks everyone for reading and I'll see you on monday! :)
In the meantime Woolzies can be found at the following retailers:
Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Goods, Walgreens,

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  1. I have been using wool dryer balls for a couple years now....AND if you ball up some aluminum foil and toss that in it is supposed to help with static cling. :) Can't wait for your giveaway!!


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